Erect Penis, Wondering About Average Erect Penis Size? Need Help To Get Erected Penis?

Erect Penis Information

An erect penis is normally associated with mechanical sexual stimulation. Erection of the penis may also be promoted by the cerebral cortex in response to visual, auditory or imaginary stimuli without mechanical stimulation. At the same time the cerebral cortex may also suppress erection even when the penis is mechanically stimulated. In its normal state the penis is flaccid. The erection of the penis is its enlarged and hard state. Basically, it is the result of a complex action and reactions involving psychological, neural, vascular and endocrine factors. Two tubular structures known as corpus cavernosa , run thorough the length of the penis. An erection occurs when these structures are filled with blood. The length and width of the human penis is a matter of great concern with many males. The fact is that the human penis is remarkably large as compared to other primates both in absolute size as well as relative to size of the body. Generally, the size of the penis is fixed throughout life after it has reached it normal size on the onset of puberty. Although it size may be increased by surgery, penis enlargement is still a controversial issue.

Erected penis that is swelled, hard and enlarged is the basis for ejaculation, which is the most important aspect of sexual intercourse and reproduction. Without erection and subsequent ejaculation there can be no natural reproduction in humans. The size of the penis in its erect state is also associated with sexual satisfaction. Although many women assert that other physical attributes are more attractive the general perception a bigger size reflects masculinity. The reality is the majority of men have adequate bulk to perform well and satisfy their partners during sexual intercourse. Despite that there is still a masculine obsession in regard to the size of the penis.

In its normal flaccid state the size of penis is understood to be between 8.5 cm and 10.5 cm or 3-4 inches with an average size of 9.5 cm or 3.75 inches. Average erect penis is 16.5 cm or 6.5 inches.

These figures actually have no meaning because many factors can cause temporary shrinkages. Also, penis size is not necessarily related to height of a man. The erect penis size is normally 100 percent of its normal size during sexual stimulation.

An erection may be straight at an angle ranging from 45-90 degrees. In some men it is curved to the right or left. An increased curvature may be due to Peyroine’s disease. Erect penis pictures can help in knowing whether you need to consult a doctor.

The vagina adjusts itself to the size of the penis, which means it will fill your partner’s vagina in any case. It will receive the biggest penis easily if it is inserted gradually. You need to be concerned only when the erect penis is less than four inches.

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